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spare Parts

So that your Kubota stays a Kubota.

In our spare parts warehouse, which comprises around 14,000 items, we keep all common spare parts in stock for every Kubota sold.

Should a part still not be available, we can order almost any spare part overnight from the Kubota spare parts center.

Third-party products

In addition to the original Kubota parts, we can also supply a large number of third-party parts such as John Deere.
With us you decide whether we install original parts in your machine or install a high-quality replica.
As a granite partner, we can also fall back on a parts range of almost 7 million items.

Do you have a question or do you need a workshop appointment?

Convince yourself personally of the quality of our work.
Send us a message and we will contact you within 24 hours to find a workshop appointment or to make a cost estimate.

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(+49) 05826/285
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